Build your customer base. Sell more bikes.

Running a bike store is so demanding that there's little time for the most important task of all: building your customer base.

Some technology companies claim to solve this problem but they're really asking you to build their customer base, giving them control over your business and making a profit at your expense.

What we do, however, is create tools which help you to attract, engage and retain customers that you can keep:


Display bicycles on your existing website.

How many buyers are you sending to Bike Exchange or to other stores by not displaying bicycles on your website? Would you like to get more customers to find you through web search?

With BikePressTM you can display high-quality images and information about your bicycles (either the stock you have or the bicycles you can order) without doing any of the hard work which makes that happen. You simply tell us which bicycles you'd like to appear on your site and we take care of the rest.



For $120 ex. GST per month (no setup fees, no contracts), we will keep your existing WordPress website up to date with the bicycles of your choice (as we do for Breakaway Cycles). If your existing website doesn't run on WordPress (or you don't have a website at all), we can give you an affordable fixed-price quote for creating a partial or full WordPress site which meets your needs (as we did for Cyclesport Thornleigh).

Please contact us for more information or an obligation-free 14-day trial.


Create PDF brochures which attract and engage customers

How many people walk past your store but never come inside? Or live near your store but never visit? How many of your customers buy low-value products without considering your bicycles? Or ask about bicycles but never return to buy them?

With BikeBaseTM Brochures you can instantly create PDF brochures which are branded for your store and feature any bicycle from your brands. You can print them on the fly while talking to a customer, preprint them for display or letterbox drops and use them on your website and email newsletters.




For $60 ex. GST per month (no setup fees, no contracts) you can create an unlimited number of PDF brochures for your store. The only other cost is running your printer - we recommend that you buy a double-sided colour laser printer for your store and use commercial printers for large print runs.

Please contact us for more information or an obligation-free 14-day trial.


Display bicycles which are not in your stock

How many buyers walk out of your store, not realising that you can order different bicycles for them?

With a BikeBaseTM Banner, you can professionally and prominently display bicycles which are not on your floor. Buyers can discover models that they didn't know existed; your staff can suggest bicycles that buyers haven't considered.

For $300 ex. GST + delivery, we will design and print a 850mm x 2000mm pull-up banner which displays the bicycles of your choice (such as the series offered by a particular brand or the road/mountain bike series from all of your brands). We can also give you a quote for larger or smaller banners to suit your needs (where does your store have space which is going to waste?).

Even better, combine it with our brochures tool and you can instantly print overview or comparison brochures for any bicycle offered by your brands!

Please contact us for more information or to discuss a design without obligation.

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